el tiempo claro y rápido

Forecast briefing for Spain

On next 24 hours the locality with higher temperatures will be Pinzón, with 30.0ºC; lowest being 0.0ºC in Llívia. Wind will be intense, with its maximum in Zahara de Los Atunes, having sustained speeds of around 58km/h from the east. Bigest rainfall accumulation is forecasted in El Mojón raining 14.2l/m² in 24h. With 1.9l/m², Guatiza will be where it is going to rain more in a one hour period.

It's clear that...

Rain drops begin their fall from the cloud with an acceleration of 9.8 m/s², but the progressive speed increment is limited up to a point in which the air friction stops the acceleration according to the Law of Georges Gabriel Stokes, falling afterwards at a constant pace with a value depending on the size of the droplet (small ones at 14,4 km/h and bigger ones at about 38 km/h).

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